ZALA 421-16EV

  • Range 50+ km
  • Endurance 1,5+ hr
  • Takeoff weight 10,5 kg
  • Wingspan 2 815 mm

Combines the best technical characteristics of fixed-wing and rotary-wing types of UAVs, has a unique adaptive system of using the aerodynamic properties of the UAV in all flight modes.

Takeoff and landing are carried out in vertical mode, which provides additional advantages for monitoring and aerial photography of hard-to-reach places and areas.

Broadcasting a video stream in HD format provides the ground station operator with a detailed video image in real time.

Key benefits

  • High-performance on-board computer
  • Launch from unprepared sites
  • Communication range of 50+ km
  • Option to install additional equipment
  • Accurate positioning (RTK Ready)
  • Signal retransmission
  • Radio Interference Resistance
Range 50+ km
Endurance 1,5+ hr
Takeoff weight 10,5 kg
Wingspan 2 815 mm
Takeoff weight 10,5 kg
Maximum payload weight 1,5 kg
Wingspan 2 815 mm
Engine type Electric
Endurance 1,5+ hr
Range (video) 50+ km
Best operational altitude 100 - 2 000 m
Ceiling 2 000 m
Speed range 0 - 110 km/hr
Launch Automatic
Landing Automatic
Operating temperature range -40°С … +50°С
Maximum wind speed 15 m/s
Navigation INS with SNS correction, double-range finder, ZALA alternative navigation field, video navigation (VNS)
  • HD video camera Z-16VHD60
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • HD thermal imaging camera with video camera and laser marker Z-16IRQ-V/L
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • HD video camera with thermal imaging camera Z-16VHD20-IRA
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera with video camera Z-16F7 series
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Two photo cameras with video camera Z-16F8 series
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera and multispectral camera Z-16AGRO1-F1
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Gas detector with video cameras Z-16GAS-M-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Dosimeter with video cameras Z-16 GAMMA-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Alarm system with heading view video camera Z-16SOS-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera Z-OEM-F1
    Type «16»