• Range 50+ km
  • Endurance 4+ / 2+ hr
  • Takeoff weight 10,5 kg
  • Wingspan 2815 mm

The new unmanned system ZALA VTOL combines the best qualities of an airplane and tiltrotor drones. It has the ability to change the configuration depending on the conditions of the task being performed and provides a huge potential for monitoring and aerial photography of any hard-to-reach places and areal objects.

The computing power of the ZX1 on-board computer based on artificial intelligence makes it possible to process data in Full HD and transmit HD video and photos over encrypted communication channels to the ground control station, ensuring the effectiveness of monitoring even before the aircraft lands.

The lightweight UAV is easy to operate and can stay in the air for up to 4 hours in an airplane configuration. Its main advantage is the absence of the need to use a specially equipped launch site, full compatibility with new payloads, ground control equipment, software and hardware solutions of the ZALA UAV model line, and also allows the installation of additional geodetic equipment.

The UAV of this class uses a built-in onboard computer that provides:

  • video transmission in HD;
  • the ability to record 3 channels of video in Full HD simultaneously;
  • the ability to transmit 2 video streams simultaneously (VC+IR);
  • automatic target tracking (AI)
  • digital image stabilization;
  • holding the position in space by video image in automatic mode without the presence of SNS;
  • transfer photos (24 MP) or video of the report card in Full HD to the ground control station at the operator's command;
  • 500 GB encrypted solid-state drive.

Range 50+ km
Endurance 4+ / 2+ hr
Takeoff weight 10,5 kg
Wingspan 2815 mm
_ airplane / tiltrotor
Takeoff weight 10,5 kg
Maximum payload weight 1,5 kg
Wingspan 2815 mm
Engine type Electric
Endurance 4+ / 2+ hr
Range (video channel) 50+ km
Best operational altitude 100-2000 m
Speed range 65-110 / up to 110 km/h
Launch Pneumatic/mechanic catapult / Automatic
Landing Parachute, airbag / Automatic
Operating temperature range:
Standard -40°С … +50°С
Arctic -55°С … +40°С
Tropical -30°С … +55°С
Maximum wind speed 10 m/s
Navigation Inertial navigation system with SNS correction (GPS/GLONASS) and two independent radio-range finders
  • HD video camera Z-16VHD60
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • HD thermal imaging camera with video camera and laser marker Z-16IRQ-V/L
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • HD video camera with thermal imaging camera Z-16VHD20-IRA
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • HD video camera Z-16VHD20R
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Thermal imaging camera with video camera Z-16IRA-V/L
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera with video camera Z-16F series
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Two photo cameras with video camera Z-16Fx2-VR series
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Two photo cameras with video camera Z-16F2-NIR-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera and multispectral camera Z-16AGRO1-F1
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera and thermal imaging camera Z-16F-IR series
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Gas detector with video cameras Z-16GAS-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Gas detector with video cameras Z-16GAS-M-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Cross-band relay Z-16RELAY-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Dosimeter with video cameras Z-16 GAMMA-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Alarm system with heading view video camera Z-16SOS-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera Z-OEM-F1