Data processing

The use of software based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows to perform deeper and more efficient analysis of Big Data generated using drones. ZALA AERO not only develops such solutions but also successfully applies them in real conditions for several years. Our platform has repeatedly proven its effectiveness and helped to qualitatively transform the production processes of customers.


An intelligent information system for identifying and classifying various objects in terrain images obtained from unmanned aerial vehicles.

A modern computer vision system based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which allows the identification of technical defects and anomalies based on the results of aerial photography. The program processes images significantly faster than a human and with a level of accuracy that surpasses that of a human.


An artificial intelligence-based software solution for detecting changes in the terrain that have happened over different periods. The software provides detailed information about the state of the surface at different times and allows to evaluate all changes. Applied algorithms allow performing multi-stage analysis to identify and classify changes of dozens of different types. The system has many useful functions, such as filtering changes by types of objects and by their characteristics, searching for changes by coordinates, measuring areas and distances, layered display of data, highlighting areas of interest for point analysis and others.


Global monitoring system that combines the functions of processing, storing, and transmitting data. The software provides access to information at all stages of air patrolling: viewing online broadcasts, the results of automatic decryption, orthophotos, photo, video materials, and identified changes. The customer receives prompt access to all monitoring materials of its infrastructure for timely measures to eliminate identified violations.

The use of global monitoring system in the technological processes of the enterprise allows to increase the speed of management decision-making, improve interactions between production departments, and also organize work with the Contractor.

These technologies, among other things, are intended for information modeling and aerial monitoring at all stages of engineering surveys, construction, and operation of capital construction facilities.