UAV for Security and Law Enforcement

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Today security is of primary importance. The application of unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with advanced sensors like HD video camera with 60-x optical zoom, thermal imaging cameras, 42 Mp photo cameras, greatly increases the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies.

They get situational awareness and comprehensive information for quick response to arising threats.

Unmanned aerial vehicles provide clear vision of large areas without any risk to people, that is much better than application of any ground assets.

Besides, ZALA UAV sensors record video and photo data, that further can be analyzed or used as an evidence.

ZALA UAS successfully solve the following tasks:

  • Aerial surveillance
  • Anti-terror operations
  • Ground forces coordination
  • Protection of public events
  • Population warning
  • Protection of facilities and locations
  • Remote radiological monitoring and survey


Search and rescue missions require quick response because every second counts.

Application of ZALA UAV for search and rescue operation greatly reduces search time and minimizes potential damage.

Our thermal imaging cameras have the special “Isotherm” mode that highlights object of selected temperature range and an option to change color palette to ensure you can see exactly what you are looking for.

Simultaneous live view video of several UAVs from emergency area is broadcasted straight to command office.

ZALA radio stations provide reliable communication link for ground teams at a distance up to 30 km.

Compact receiving station enable ground forces to watch the video stream from UAV in real time mode.

Special drop system of UAV ZALA 421-22 allows to deliver life-saving tools, supplies or communication devices.

ZALA UAS successfully solve the following tasks:

  • Aerial surveillance
  • Coordination of fire-fighting operation
  • Search for missing persons
  • Deliver emergency supplies