UAV control training

Specialised structural educational subdivision "ZALA Training Centre" is organised to carry out educational activities under the programmes of professional training, additional professional education.

Two categories of trainees are trained: ZALA unmanned aircraft system operator personnel and ZALA flight candidates.

Subject matter and objectives of the activity

The subject of activity of the Training Centre is educational activity on implementation of educational programmes and services.

The purpose of the Training Centre is to create the necessary conditions to meet the needs of citizens in obtaining professional training, retraining, advanced training, additional professional education, to ensure the professional development of citizens and compliance of their qualifications with changing conditions of professional activity and social environment.

Areas of training

Vocational Training Programmes:

  • Vocational training programme "Operator of ground control equipment for an unmanned aerial vehicle with a maximum take-off weight of 30 kg or less";
  • Retraining programme "Operator of ground control equipment for an unmanned aerial vehicle, with a maximum take-off weight of 30 kg or less";
  • Advanced training programme "Operator of ground control equipment for unmanned aerial vehicles with a maximum take-off weight of 30 kg or less".

Programmes of additional professional education:

  • Additional professional development programme "Monitoring of oil and gas production facilities using BAS";
  • Additional professional qualification improvement programme "Technician";
  • Additional professional development programme "Decipherer of photo and video material obtained with the use of ABC".

We teach trainees to operate the UAV, process photo and video material, prepare reports, carry out maintenance and minor repairs of the unmanned system. After passing the final certification, trainees receive documents on education, a certificate of the profession of a worker or a certificate of advanced training.


Teachers of the Training Centre constantly improve their own skills and undergo timely professional development. They perform practical tasks: they participate in search and rescue operations and exercises in the interests of law enforcement agencies, regularly go on business trips and carry out work together with ZALA flight units.

Training and material base

Prior to training flights, students undergo theoretical training, during which they study Russian air legislation, flight safety fundamentals, aerodynamics, air navigation and the design of the BAS and its components.

They are trained on specialised simulators in which they are fully simulated:

  • the possibility of preparing and launching the BVS (VR);
  • real flight conditions, on different types of aircraft, where instructors set different weather conditions, terrain, and abnormal situations.

For more effective training, specific flight tasks are modelled on simulators; an individual level of complexity is selected. The whole process of task fulfilment is controlled by the instructor, who can make changes to the task at any time.

The ZALA Training Centre is available for practical flights:

  • seventeen ZALA unmanned systems of different modifications (aircraft and multicopter type);
  • three vehicle-based ground control stations - Mercedes Sprinter, Gaz Sobol, Ford Transit;
  • portable control systems.

There is also equipment in the armoury for practicing practical tasks under given scenarios.

Specialised software is used to work with photo and video materials captured during flights.

Living conditions

When training at ZALA Training Centre, conditions for accommodation of non-resident trainees are created.

There is a gym and a canteen on the territory of the Training Centre. Excursion programmes are provided on weekends.

We don't have graduates, we have a big family. After the course ends, we continue to support our students - counselling, sharing our experience, helping with advice.

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Tuition fees and contacts

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