Oil and gas

Hydrocarbons are extracted and transported in remote and hard-to-reach areas and in difficult climatic conditions, which increases the requirements for industrial and environmental safety.

The use of unmanned technology is an effective way to manage resources, plan work and detect unauthorised activities and other incidents in a timely manner.

Types of services:

  • Patrolling extended objects during day and night time;
  • Search for unauthorised activities in the protection zone;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Assessment of the technical condition of pipelines;
  • Supervision of construction works and contractors' activities;
  • Creation of orthophotos with resolution up to 5 cm per pixel, mapping;
  • Inventory of infrastructure facilities, clarification of the boundaries of the protection zone;
  • Geodetic support at the field development stage;
  • Creation of three-dimensional models of terrain and objects;
  • Search for gas leaks.

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Monitoring of the Gazprom Neft-Khantos pipeline
ZALA BVS at the Samotlor field
Fire-fighting exercise
Oil and gas pipeline monitoring
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