Precision farming is a management system that avoids unnecessary costs and increases yields. The main tool is the use of unmanned systems to collect objective data, thanks to which it is possible to accurately calculate the amount of seeds, the amount of work, selectively apply fertilisers, and detect pests in time.

Types of services:

  • Video monitoring, support and control of agricultural activities.
  • Aerial photography and creation of orthophotosThis allows resources to be assessed, land inventories to be made, and materials to be calculated for any type of work.
  • Multispectral imaging and creation of maps of vegetation indices (NDVI, PVI, WDI, SAVI, LAI, etc.), which can be used to estimate the volume and growth of biomass, nitrogen and chlorophyll content in plant leaves, content and, in general, to assess the productivity of agricultural land. 
  • Creation of an elevation map and textured geo-referenced 3D terrain model to assess topography, slopes, calculate drainage-free areas and direct surface runoff.
  • Creation of an electronic map of the field: map of the area with settlements, relief map, orthophotoplane, map of soil types.
  • The visualisation of information makes it easier to analyse all conditions that affect yields, to monitor trends, to differentiate fertiliser application and to rationalise material inputs.

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ZALA AERO for agriculture
ZALA AERO for agriculture