Airborne monitoring of power transmission lines with the help of unmanned systems allows to assess the technical condition of wires and insulators in the most efficient way, to detect at any time of the day facts of unauthorised activities of unauthorised persons and vehicles in protection zones, to transmit in real time qualitative data on wire defects in case of emergency shutdown. Monitoring of power transmission lines from drones is already part of the standard technological process of large energy companies.

Types of services:

  • Monitoring of power transmission lines, search for broken and damaged poles;
  • Search for unauthorised activities in the protection zone;
  • Assessment of technical condition of transmission lines by means of thermal imaging survey;
  • Survey of territories to determine the optimal route for laying transmission lines;
  • Supervision of construction work;
  • Airborne laser scanning of power lines for precise measurement of power line overhang, assessment of vegetation in the protection zone;
  • Creation of electronic maps of transmission lines: orthophotomap of the terrain with determination of exact coordinates and inclination angle of supports, comparison of the actual location of transmission line objects with the cadastral plan, complete information on the current condition of supports.

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Laser scanning of power lines
Laser scanning of power lines