Environmental monitoring

In vast and inaccessible territories, as well as in difficult climatic conditions, the use of unmanned systems is the only way to effectively monitor the state of the environment.

In the event that unauthorised activities and poaching are detected, the data obtained from the UAV can be used as documented evidence.

Types of services:

  • Fire prevention and detection;
  • Aerial counting of animals;
  • Poacher Detection;
  • Analysis of pollutant factors;
  • Creation of electronic maps of objects;
  • Forest taxation;
  • Land Inventory;
  • Assessment of the condition of water bodies;
  • Clarification of cadastral boundaries of the forest fund.

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ZALA UAVs patrol the forests of the Tyumen Region
The ZALA BIA has recorded an arson attack
Detection of poachers
Search for spent rocket stages
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