Aerial photography

Aerial photography of terrain, geodetic aerial survey - real estate from quadrocopter, UAVs

Aerial photography is the best way to obtain detailed information on the condition of extended objects.

Thanks to the use of gyro-stabilised platforms, our aerial images are as sharp and clear as possible.

Photo resolution is up to 42MP. 

We also provide server storage and guarantee complete confidentiality.

As a result of the data processing you receive:

  • Orthophotoplane. Maximises the authenticity of the Earth's surface. Resolution - up to 5 cm per pixel. Widely used for creation of topographic materials, cadastral maps, etc.
  • A dense cloud of dots. Represents a set of points on the surface of an object. Can be used to build high-precision 3D models.
  • Digital surface model. Contains information about the relief of the ground surface, taking into account the objects that are on it: vegetation, buildings, etc.
  • Digital Elevation Model. Represents a map of ground surface elevations excluding vegetation and other terrestrial features.
  • 3D model. Three-dimensional model of a terrain or object based on a dense point cloud with georeferenced coordinates. Thanks to the use of textures, the 3D model looks realistic.

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