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Precision farming - is a management system that allows to avoid unnecessary expenses and improve yields.

Application of UAV is the key instrument of precision farming.

It collects comprehensive data to be analyzed for further accurate calculation of   necessary amount of seeds, fertilizer, and detection of grain insects.   

We offer the following services:

  • Video survey and control of agriculture works
  • Aerial imagery and orthophoto mapping, that allow to estimate resources, make a land inventory, evaluate land relief and detect unwatered areas 
  • Multispectral imagery and vegetation index mapping (NDVI, PVI, WDI, SAVI, LAI), that indicate amount and biomass buildup, chlorophyll and nitrogen content, and evaluate land productivity
  • Terrain mapping and textured geo-tagged 3D modeling to estimate relief, slopes and direction of land drainage
  • Field mapping with location map with all towns and villages, orthophoto map, terrain map, map of soil types 

Visual demonstration of information simplifies analysis of all conditions and circumstances that influence on soil productivity, monitor changes, and efficiently use natural resources.