Electric power industry

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Electric power lines are often located in remote and extended areas which are hard to reach.

Now the inspection is mainly carried out by manned aviation or foot patrol. This is expensive and inefficient because it takes a long time to determine spot of line break. Besides, poor weather conditions apply additional restrictions.

The use of ZALA UAS for inspection of power lines and infrastructure of electric power industry offer the following advantages:

  • Quick overview and evaluation of condition
  • Detailed photo images of necessary objects
  • Access to hard to reach areas
  • IR video inspection and aerial laser scanning

We offer the following services:

  • Power lines inspection, search for losses of electrical connection,
  • Search for damages of transmission towers;
  • Search for illegal activity within guarded area;
  • Evaluation of power lines technical condition with IR sensor;
  • Inspection of territories to find optimal route for power lines construction;
  • Control of construction activities;
  • Aerial laser scanning for accurate measure of lines sag, evaluation of vegetation within guarded area;
  • Creation of orthophoto map with precise coordinates of towers position.