A BVS with an electric motor and increased payload can be in the air for more than 6 hours at a distance of more than 100 km from the operator

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Effective range: 100+ км
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Maximum payload weight: 17 кг
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Endurance 6+ hr
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Wingspan 4 000 мм

The ZALA Z-20 UAV is powered by an electric motor, thanks to which the aircraft can stay in the air for more than 6 hours, transmitting HD video at a distance of more than 100 kilometres from the control point. The unmanned system is used for reconnaissance and surveillance of objects of interest.

The ZALA Z-20 is equipped with an on-board calculator using modern artificial intelligence algorithms, which allows to quickly make the necessary decisions, increasing the efficiency of application compared to analogues of other manufacturers.

Fully compatible with the Z-16 model ground equipment, including the launcher and payloads, is an advantage and allows to significantly reduce the cost of retrofitting existing complexes, providing the opportunity to start using the new UAV in the shortest possible time. The new model has an increased payload capacity, allowing additional payloads to be installed depending on the task facing the UAV operator.

Key benefits

  • Signal retransmission
  • Radio Interference resistance
  • Low RCS and acoustic signature
  • Interference-protected communication channel
  • Counteraction against EW and anti-aircraft warfare
  • Smart navigation and communication module
  • On-board AI for object search and identification with priority target selection mode
Takeoff weight 17 kg
Maximum payload weight 2,5 kg
Wingspan 4000 mm
Engine type Electric
Endurance 6+ hr
Range (video) 100+ km
Operational altitude 100-5000 m
Ceiling 5000 m
Speed range 65-110 km/h
Launch Pneumatic-type launcher
Landing Parachute, air absorber
Operating temperature range -40°C ... +50°C
Maximum wind speed 15 m/s
Navigation INS with SNS correction, double-range finder, alternative navigation system, video navigation system (VNS)