2,000 Lancets have been used by the Russian Army in the Strategic Defence Forces

The number of openly published episodes of combat use of Russian Lancet barrage munitions in the zone of special military operation has reached 2,000. The figure follows from the OSINT statistics of the Internet portal

The first videos of Russian barrage munitions being used in the special military operation zone were published in July 2022.

The first significant milestone of 500 published episodes of Lancet combat use in a special operations area was reached on 3 August 2023.

The next mark of 1,000 published episodes was on 29 January 2024.

The figure of 1,500 was reached in three months - 26 April 2024.

Just over two months later, on 30 June 2024, the number of Lancet combat episodes reached 2,000.

The Russian army's special operation was a real triumph for ZALA's barrage munitions and reconnaissance drones. The combination of Z-16 or Z-20 reconnaissance drones with Lancet drones enables the Russian army to successfully perform counter-battery warfare functions.

The Lancet barrage munitions were modified with a thermal imager for use in the dark. The developers modernised the guidance system and increased the range of the Izdeliye-51. Solutions have been implemented to successfully fulfil combat missions in conditions of intensive electronic countermeasures of the enemy.

Thanks to the increased radius of application, the Lancets were able to hit Ukrainian aviation at airfields at a distance of at least 65 kilometres from the line of contact.

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