Revolution in mineral exploration

ZALA Group has developed and tested an aeromagnetic mineral exploration technology that completely replaces manned aerial exploration.

The remote method of magnetic field measurement using ZALA UAVs is cost-effective and has a number of advantages over manned aviation: the cost of work is many times less, no personnel is required to be directly at the survey site, which reduces time and logistics costs. The productivity of the method is 5 times higher due to the increased duration and speed of the drone flight, and the quality of data obtained from the UAV is comparable to that of a ground survey.

The ZALA hardware-software aeromagnetic complex has no analogues in the world. The peculiarity of the complex is its highly sensitive sensors. The sensitivity of the magnetometer installed on the BVS is 0.02 nanotesla. During its more than 5-hour flight the BVS can perform aeromagnetic survey of more than 300 linear kilometres of profiles, which, for example, when performing an area aeromagnetic survey on a scale of 1:10000 will be equal to an area of 30 square kilometres.

Aeromagnetic surveys can be carried out at any time of the year and at any time of day. This enables geologists and researchers to obtain valuable mineral data with high accuracy and efficiency, without disturbing the natural environment and its protected areas.

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